The Casting - est. 2016 Petworth


The Casting is a fantastic and innovative specialist search to find a partner; a headhunting matchmaking service to potentially create a long term relationship.

The Casting fast-tracks the process to find someone sociable, bright, eloquent, attractive and genuinely interested in marriage and perhaps family too.

The Casting is a commissioned service to headhunt through a range of means, then vet and present those The Casting deem are the right matches to meet.

Internet dating has revolutionised the way we meet and turned dating from the much sought after romantic frisson when ‘eyes meet across a room’ to a more prescriptive way of cross checking criteria.

With time focussed on business and careers, successful singles looking for love often possess outstanding skills that cross-over into their private lives. However, success can also be alienating and allows little time to meet potential life partners. There are few alternatives to online dating which is time consuming, impersonal and can be unsafe.

If you've been headhunted by one of the The Casting team, that's because you appear to be the right sort of person and we would like to learn more about you.

Whilst looks are undoubtedly the most important tool to attract the right partner, chemistry can’t possibly be gauged from internet sites, photos, videos, telephone calls whatsapp or Skype. The only way to really find out if someone’s right is to meet.

So, here’s what we’re doing.

The Casting - est. 2016 Petworth

The Casting will be shortlisting those we feel we’d like to meet. We’ll need you to complete and return a form with some basic details about you, and some photos.

Act one

We will arrange somewhere convenient for a one-to-one chat to learn more and meet The Casting team. If we like you, we’re pretty confident one of our matches will too; it’s very much about us getting to understand who you are and gauging if you’re the right kind of match. We’ll also tell you more about who we the person we're matching - passions and interests, style, physical attributes, humour, etc.

Act two

After further shortlisting and, of course, if you’re still intrigued and interested, you’ll have a potential date!


We’ll be buying the hat!

This is a genuine search. Feel free to ask any questions but confidentiality is assured to all so no names, photos or identifying details will be supplied to anyone without permission.

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