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Curated introductions for discerning gentlemen
Ladies of all ages necessary too!

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Focussing time on business and careers, many singles looking for love have little opportunity to meet potential life partners. It can also be that it’s been a long time out of looking for love after marriage, through divorce or being widowed. It’s difficult to know where to start.

Online dating is not for everyone and it’s changed the much sought-after romantic frisson when ‘eyes meet across a room’ to a more prescriptive way of cross-checking criteria.

Many people want a discerning, more personalised approach. The Casting vets and selects matches that have all the right potential.

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The Casting works differently
The Casting works as a commissioned service with a great network of pre-vetted candidates ready and waiting. The Casting also uses completely confidential, innovative headhunting to expand the search further when and if required.

What are you waiting for? Queries, hesitations, hopes… my inbox is open.

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How it works for men
No one likes to pay upfront for something until they see results.

The Casting works on a registration fee, an initial six-month subscription and a success fee based on a six-month relationship where both parties agree it’s going well. Marriage or a baby on the way also qualifies!

It’s a fair business arrangement where The Casting invests time and energy into providing the solutions.

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How it works for women
The Casting works on a small one-off registration fee which isn’t payable until there’s an introduction on the cards. No other fee is payable unless a successful relationship ensues.

If you have been headhunted by The Casting team, you've been selected because you appear to be the right sort of person and we would like to learn more about you for a particular search.

It might be that there’s no one quite right immediately, but GDPR compliant The Casting will notify you when it has someone who might suit.

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Get in touch
Please feel free to leave your name and contact details above, and I'll be in touch shortly.

Equally, if you have any questions feel free to email directly:

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From the founder
Kerensa Robertson headshot
Kerensa Robertson
I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years and felt there had to be a better way.

Most agencies work on a 'one-size-fits-all' approach and rarely produce successful results. I flipped the business model on its head to concentrate on providing a service that men find attractive, thereby getting better results for all.

There’s no sales or service team, just a concentrated passion for matching people and making love happen.

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